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  Real Estate

Is the Indian real estate sector the right place to make a serious career in now? Compared to more developed countries, the Indian real estate sector still lacks sophistication and transparency. However, it continues to be in the limelight of domestic and international investments. This has naturally brought on the need for better, more capable human resources. 
Though real estate is not nuclear science, there is a fair degree of complexity involved. As in any other business, real estate businesses operate either on:
- The basis of knee-jerk reactions to currently existing market trends and opportunities - A learned understanding of the market, anticipation of emerging possibilities and with provisions for market integrity over the long term The first method is reactive and often opportunistic. The latter is based on information rather than gut-feelings, and results in assured growth rather than short-term gains via calculated risks. There is increased emphasis on the latter approach today - therefore, there is definitely scope for making a career as a real estate professional.

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