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  Research Analyst

A research analyst is a professional who is responsible for reviewing, collecting, and reporting on a variety of data sets and information sources. Analysts are very common in the sciences, particularly in pharmaceutical research, though they exist in almost any discipline that deals with data or information assessment over time. In most cases, research analysts have at least graduate-level education, as well as a great deal of experience within their subject area. Their reports are often used to drive new innovations or direct future developments.

Areas of Work

Work for research analysts is most plentiful in disciplines that rely on data for making decisions. The financial and banking industries, as well as many business strategists, hire analysts with some regularity. There also tend to be plentiful openings in the sciences, where test results and experimental outcomes must be documented, analyzed, and often codified.

Main Goals and Purposes

Most researchers work as members of information-gathering teams. They correlate and analyze data both internally and externally, and validate information against trade publications and other leading papers in order to provide support and validity to current theories or hypotheses.

Analysts typically compile the data they find into comprehensive reports for executives and, in some cases, corporate shareholders. Detailed data sets are usually very important when it comes to learning from the past and making reasoned predictions about the future. Executives often use the information in analysts’ reports to make decisions about investments and new projects.